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R & D Tax Credits

National Average R&D Tax Credit Claim:


Business Solutions (Midlands)
Average R&D Tax Credit Claim:


R & D Tax Credits Claim

Leading UK based Printing Company Successfully Claims:


Printing Company

R & D Tax Credits Claim

West Midlands precision engineering company successfully claims:



Malthouse Engineering

R & D Tax Credits Claim

West Midlands suppliers of network services successfully claims:



Network First

R & D Tax Credits Claim

Strip metal company based in Birmingham successfully claims:



Knight Strip Metals

R & D Tax Credits Claim

West Midlands radio communications service provider successfully claims:




R & D Tax Credits Claim

West Midlands manufacturer and supplier of castings and machined parts claims:



Boro Foundry

R & D Tax Credits Claim

Midlands caravan accessories manufacturer successfully claims:




Welcome to Business Solutions (Midlands)

Business Solutions (Midlands) Ltd are an independent consultancy, comprising Engineers, Scientists and Business Analysts. Our primary focus is providing expert advice to our clients on maximising their Research and Development Tax Credit claims, in order to ensure that they take full advantage of business tax relief available to them.

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Research and Development Tax Credits advice and support

The Research and Development Tax Credit scheme is an HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) incentive designed to encourage innovation by companies operating in the UK. However, in our opinion, this scheme is significantly underused by companies in the UK, especially within the SME community.

We are addressing this issue… Our experience at guiding companies through the HMRC Research and Development claims process, by highlighting from the outset eligible projects and delivering a robust and detailed claim is proving extremely successful.

We believe that a successful R&D Tax Credit claim is dependent on the technical and innovative nature of eligible development projects that a company is involved in and not just the figures…that’s why To date we have successfully claimed back over £4.5m in R&D Tax credits for our clients since 2011, with an average R&D Tax claim of over £62,000.

In addition to R&D Tax Credits, we also offer a wide range of other funding solutions for our clients, including:

R&D Tax Credits

By maximising these various streams Business Solutions (Midlands) Ltd can provide a wide range of Research and Development tax credit, grant funding and knowledge transfer advice for a variety of organisations within most industrial sectors.

Our unique offering enables an organisation to choose from a suite of business funding and business tax credit mechanisms which can be tailored to meet their specific requirements, and ultimately lower their corporation tax liability and enable them to invest in new equipment or better qualified staff.

The experience we have gained from working with a wide variety of companies has highlighted to us that many business owners and directors are unaware of the wide range of financial business support available to them, or think that they are far too complex to access.

This is simply not the case…

By speaking to independent advisors such as Business Solutions (Midlands) Ltd you will be able to get the right advice and support to meet the development requirements of your business going forward.

Contact us NOW for an informal chat or to book an appointment…


Patent services

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering patent, trade mark and registered design services to our clients. Find out more...

R&D tax credit claims

Between 2000-01, when the R&D tax credit schemes were launched, and 2015-16, over 170,000 claims have been made and £16.5 billion in tax relief claimed.

Since 2011 Business Solutions (Midlands) Ltd have successfully claimed back over £14 million in R&D Tax credits for our clients, with an average R&D Tax claim of over £62,000.


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