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R & D Tax Credits Claim

Strip metal company based in Birmingham successfully claims:



Research and Development Tax Credits

The R&D Tax Credit Claim Process - It’s all about the projects

In our approach, projects are always at the centre of the claim. As scientists and engineers, we recognise what is eligible and what isn’t, and can engage with a company’s technical staff, in their own language, to help them to understand what is actually required.

We are experienced at guiding companies through the R&D claims process by using our industry knowledge we can help businesses grow by reducing their overall corporation tax burden through the use of R&D tax credits.

We believe that a successful R&D Tax Credit claim is dependent on the technical and innovative nature of eligible development projects that a company is involved in and not just the figures. We are experienced to know from the outset whether a company is eligible for a successful tax credit claim, and why we offer a no win, no fee commission structure to all of our clients.

We have developed our own approach to the Research and Development tax credit process, and it starts with getting a comprehensive understanding of the clients business and their product range… this leads onto the key discussions regarding what is eligible for a claim.

As friendly, plain-speaking, Research and Development tax advisers, we value each relationship highly and look to build long-term relationships with all of our clients.

The key business benefits of the BSM approach – Increased Claim Size

Our experience of working on Research and Development Tax Credit claims has told us that a project-based approach results in significantly larger claims for our clients. By investing our time with a company’s key technical staff, we are able to identify projects that are easily missed by other firms, due to their technical nature but are just as eligible.

This enables us to highlight significantly greater Research and Development expenditure, which in turn leads to a larger and more robust claim for the client, based on the technical report we compile to back up the finances of the claim.

We submit the claim to HMRC through either the client’s own accountant, or Business Solutions (Midlands) Ltd Chartered Accountant – the choice is purely down to client preference.

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