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Servicom R&D Tax Credit Claim

R&D Tax Credit Claim

Business Solutions (Mildands) made a successful R&D Tax Credit claim for radio communications product and service provider - Servicom.

Company Overview

Founded in 1989, Servicom are a radio communications product and service provider, offering tailored solutions to radio user's needs, in all markets and environments. Servicom supply and maintain all forms of radio and wireless equipment including two way radio, trunking, onsite systems, radio hire and digital mobile radio networks.

Servicom offer bespoke communication solutions, tailored to the customer's operational and commercial requirements. The company’s product and service packages are utilised by many organisations from small businesses with simple back-to-back communication needs to corporations requiring fully integrated secure networks.


How Business Solutions (Midlands) Ltd Helped

The company’s external accountants approached us to meet with their senior management team to provide our own expert advice and guidance as they were not too sure that the company would have an eligible claim.

We had an initial meeting, followed by a series of scoping meetings with relevant members of staff to ascertain the level of R&D taking place within the business. It soon became very evident to us that they were indeed engaging in R&D activities, and as a result eligible for an R&D Tax Credit Claim.

Our team collated the relevant technical and financial information pertinent to the projects identified and submitted a claim through the company’s accountants. We were pleased to report that the claim was successful and generated a significant sum for the company. We have since submitted one further claim which was also successful resulting in a total for the three claims of over £60,000


Company Research and Development Activity

Servicom's Global Reach IP solution enables radio users (UHF or VHF) to talk to each other across a dedicated link via the internet. It is an innovative, easy to install and comparatively low cost solution that broadens the capabilities of systems and opens new possibilities in radio communications.

Servicom’s Global Reach IP Solution

GRIP is available as PC software or hardware solution. This radio over IP solution enables Servicom customers to monitor and interact with hand held portable or mobile radios anywhere in the world without having to worry about compatibility issues surrounding frequencies or radio equipment type. Servicom's GRIP, now we're talking Global…

Add Servicom's Global Reach IP Solution (GRIP) to radio networks to create a global integrated communications network. It is an extremely reliable and cost effective solution.

A PC with installed software enables the user to communicate, switch and monitor the network. GRIP can also be employed as a closed user group Voice over IP solution. This enables one PC to communicate with many PC's.


Business Benefits

The key business benefits to the business are as follows:

  • Achieving significant cash benefits from 3 successful claims in excess of £60,000.
  • Understanding that they do undertake significant research and development activities within the business.
  • Realising that there is an ongoing tax benefit by undertaking new and innovative projects, which they may have otherwise avoided due to perceived time and cost implications.
  • As a result of the cash benefit, being able to invest in new equipment to further enhance their in-house capabilities in order to continually grow the business.

Company Feedback

"We had not appreciated just how much resource was going into product research and development. It was great to get guidance from Business Solutions to realise the claim."
Ian Gudger, Joint Managing Director at Servicom


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