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"Can I get funding for my business? Where do I start?"

Business Solutions are here to help, we'll look at your options and the funding streams available to you and steer you in the direction that's most beneficial to you.


Business Grants and Grant Funding

We can develop a tailor-made business funding package to meet your needs…

There are a wide range of business grants and grant funding support mechanisms available to businesses today. Grants can currently support a wide range of company requirements, from small equipment & machinery purchases and ad hoc consultancy support to much larger capital expenditure projects including buildings & property development.

At first glance it may seem like an easy way to get hold of some ‘free money’ as there is no interest and capital repayments and the funds are generally non-returnable. However, the reality of the grant funding world is much different with high demand and fierce competition. This means you need to understand what the the pots of funds are looking for in a successful application and how you fit.

In addition grants can come from a wide range of sources, including local and national government plus the Local Enterprise to charities and the European Commission. As a result, it is VITAL that significant research is done to ensure that the correct ‘pot’ of funding is being sourced for each specific business project.

Business Solutions have a wealth of experience in working with regional funding agencies and have developed strong relationships with them over the past 10+ years. As a result, we understand what business funding is available that best suits your company and can develop a tailored made funding package aimed at providing the most benefit to meet your business' specific grant funding requirements.

There are numerous funding streams currently available to businesses; the following just highlight a few: