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Beaumont Ltd R&D Tax Credit Claim

Business Solutions (Mildands) made a successful R&D Tax Credit claim for Market leading Bar & Catering Business - Beaumont Ltd

Company Overview

R&D Tax Credit Claim

Evolving from the integration of the Salesprint Temple Group, PSV Ltd and Linney Products Ltd, Beaumont™ has established itself as the Market Leader of Bar Sundry and Catering products. With over 50 years’ experience, Beaumont™ is firmly established as the global market leader for bar and catering related products. The company manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of Spirit Dispensers, Pourers, Bottle Brackets and other drink associated items.

Beaumont™ is based in Flitwick, Bedforshire but also has an off ice in Birmingham. The company has an annual turnover of around £3.5m from the efforts of 40 full time employees. Key customers include Booker cash & Carry, Makro, Bacardi-Martini, Diageo, Brown Forman, Allied Domecq and Pernod Ricard.

Beaumont™ work very closely with their client base to research and develop ideas into fully tooled, process friendly, products. With the expertise and resources in-house the company can meet the product development needs of most companies in the Bar Sundry and Catering sector.

The Company is constantly investing in new technologies and techniques in order to remain and the forefront of the industry, keeping it ahead of the competition in both quality and cost. Beaumont™ designers, engineers and workforce are all in a continual process of experimentation and development to maximise the effectiveness of all the available technology


R&D Projects

The Perfect Dispenser

Currently, there are no certificated (Type approved) bottle top pourers on the market. The company believe that there is huge potential for this product worldwide, and have been working closely with one of their key customers, Diageo, to develop this idea further.

The aim of the project was to re-create the accuracy of a traditional spirit measure, which is fixed in one position, in a bottle top pourer that can be moved from one place to another. This product had to be manufactured at an appropriate cost relative to market expectations and incorporate the required reliability and aesthetic development in order to make the product commercially viable.

As one of the top two worldwide market leaders in the manufacture of traditional spirit measures, this product would further enhance Beaumont’s status and as a result, create new markets and customers worldwide. The company would patent this product, and as a result it is expected that the potential sales benefit of this product is valued at approximately £1,000,000 per annum for the first three years.

In addition, a number of patents have either gone to ‘A’ stage or been issued. However, the constant innovation and development has meant that most of the coverage of these patents is now out of date. Patent Application No.0819478.9 (now Patent No. GB 2454565A) is still current and awaiting a review by the Patent Office

Baileys Dispenser

Baileys (cream based drinks) can be dispensed from conventional spirit measures, but the speed of dispense tends to be slow and the drink quickly dries inside and on the outside of the measures. This reduces the speed of dispensing even further and the resultant liquid residue also looks very unsightly. The drying liquid eventually affects the operation of the measure. During the past few years, a number of Spirit Measures have been specifically developed to dispense Baileys, but none have been very successful. One of the main issues is that as the liquid dries very quickly, liquid the measure has to be cleaned every day, which clearly isn’t a very practical option.

In-house testing and knowledge of past market experience has shown that a new approach to the development of a dispenser is required to overcome the above difficulties. The liquid has to be effectively sealed from the air as far as possible and where it does come into contact a process has found to clean or self-clean that area.

The Process

The methodology Business Solutions (Midlands) Ltd utilise when engaging with the customer is a step by step approach making them aware of what info is required at each stage and why.

  • Telephone discussion to ascertain eligibility.
  • Initial customer meeting on site to discuss financial information and potential projects to be highlighted.
  • Regular contact by phone, email and in person to walk the customer through the process.
  • Collation of financial spreadsheets and technical report by Business Solutions (Midlands) Ltd.
  • Submission to HMRC through Business Solutions (Midlands) Ltd Chartered Accountant.

R&D Tax Credit Claim Total

The initial 2 year claim was successful to the tune of £44,000.

Business Solutions (Midlands) are in the process of submitting the company’s next claim, which, if successful, will generate a further ‘five-figure’ return for the company


Company Feedback

"Business Solutions provided us with a first class, friendly and helpful service on all levels. As a business we were not equipped to make the most of R&D Tax Credits. However, Business Solutions walked us through the process in a clear and coherent fashion, ultimately gaining a result that we could not have achieved without their specialist knowledge."
Scott Barnes, Managing Director at Beaumont Ltd


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